“carlsberg nightlife challenge”: case study 3D holographic projection – multiprojection

  • Location: Switzerland (MT Pilatus, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel)
  • Preproduction and test: Belgrade-Serbia
  • I part – VIP PARTY, live DJ set Mt Pilatus, CARLSBERG management and guests
  • II part – 3D holographic projection in 4 locations Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Basel - live stream holographic projection party for cc. 7500 guests
  • Partner: SWISS TELECOM for internet connection
  • Executive production and realization in Switzerland
  • Total production SOUND RAY PRODUCTION
  • Technical production: CHRISTIE projectors, original holographic foil, trussing constructions, special curtains, screens, light equipment…
  • Tech crew: light designer, sound designer, technicians, on site producer

The largest and the most exclusive Swiss Party ever on all locations was fully realized by Sound Ray Production. 4 locations quests enjoyed the same party, with the highlight on VIP party, organized on 3000m above sea level on Mt. Pilatus, mountain with fantastic panoramic view of the Lucerne city. DJ Tanya la Croix and DJ Yves Larock were recorded by special cameras and live streamed in Geneva, Bern, Lucerne and Zurich.

Guests of the best clubs in these cities enjoyed the "Live 3D Hologram" projection and a live broadcast. Holographic Projection is a technique that enables 3D images to be made and have a great ILLUSION ON STAGE for public. Using old Victorian stage illusion in new way, mixing light and latest technology we can create stage illusion and 3D image effect. Old theatrical Pepper’s Ghost trick is changed and “face lifted” for a new era of stage production in every way. Powerful CHRISTIE projectors, special foils instead of old school mirrors are giving a new life to objects, performers etc.