“happy tree”: case study workshop project

  • Sponsor: Alpha Bank, Greece
  • Natural sponsor: Ultra centar Galaktik, Novi Beograd
  • Workshop event: art, recycle & decoration
  • Program content: art, recycle and decoration workshop with local artist and theater show
  • Decoration: Christmas style decoration
  • Material supply: recycled scenography material
  • Partner: Centar za zaštitu odojcadi, dece i omladine Beograd, Zvecanska ulica

We believe that developing like this kind of awareness and empathy in children is necessary for human future. Project focus is to help orphanages, children who live in isolated areas and children who are the most vulnerable. In each gift would be handmade object by the youngest visitors. Workshops with children participation is important for their creative purposes especially in a case of that in the early period of creative empathy for others.