audio, video & light rental

We have been focusing on providing quality audio event since 2003 and we have developed into a production company supplying all technical event support. Our years of experience allow us to be resourceful with not only our own large stock of equipment, but also with our strong relationships within the industry.

Our team are engineers at heart, so problem solvers by nature. We stock a wide range of sound, lighting, AV, power and structure equipment, so we're ready to help you for your event, whether you need a few speakers on sticks, or a full-blown festival or party!

  • Professional audio system
  • Lighting system
  • Inflatable structures cutting edge design
  • Mixing consoles
  • DJ equipment
  • Stage and trussing construction
  • Stage construction
  • Video projectors
  • Screens

production crew

Our production crew offers a wide range of services to fit your event needs. We work to fit your budget and needs, especially to make your vision the reality through the use of the equipment and years of experience.

As a friendly, adaptable, and capable to work, our production crew acts in highly pressured situations to strict time frames. They fully understand the needs and demands of our clients and have a "show must go on" thinking.

  • Light designer
  • Sound engineer
  • Video engineer
  • Sound technicians – required to assemble,
    operate and maintain the technical equipment
  • Light and video technicians - required to assemble, operate and maintain the light and video technical equipment
  • Scenography directors and scenography technicians